Shushustorm Title

Bio Karl Bauer von Shushustorm __

2011 - 2017: Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg
2013 (since): Shushustorm videos on Youtube
2014 (since): Developer for iOS / Android /
____________Mac OSX / Windows
2014: Karl-Forster stipend
2015: Klassenpreis Klasse Flinzer

2015: App releases (iOS, Android):
____________time wasting machine

2015 (since): Approved Nintendo developer
2016: Sponsored by the Janssen Stiftung
2016: Shushustorm website online

2016: App releases (Mac OSX, Windows):
____________Shushustorm Headquarters

2016: App releases (iOS, Android):
____________Spin A Melon
____________One Life
____________Throw da Phone
____________One Life Plus
____________One Flight
____________Squeaky Toys

2017: Meistersch├╝ler Klasse Flinzer

2017: App release (iOS, Android):
____________Gradient Calculator

Currently working on: